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Limpopo Web  is an Online Directory that enable users to discover businesses  in their neighbourhood with all the information required for a user to make a decision.


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Limpopo Web  is used by anyone and everyone who are looking for an organization that is able to provide a specific product, information or service.

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Limpopo Web covers the length and breadth of the Province. From Apel to Zebediela, you can access information from your town quicker than ever.

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Limpopo Web is a large database that provides specific information to people who visit our website. It is a good place to promote information, products and services aimed at the the Limpopo market.

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Our blog is our way of  showing our undying affection for this place, It’s People and It’s organizations.


We encourage people to  to shop, eat and play where the businesses are locally owned & operated. When you buy local, you invest in your community, in your neighbors and ultimately in yourselves.


We provide highlights of Limpopo’s cultural diversity and scenic beauty.Understanding our differences  help us to appreciate our uniqueness and is catalyst for unity.


We bring to light the work and programs of Local NGOs and Public Services to the people.Information will help us to know what civil society and government is doing towards development.