06 Dec

Bwasa Limpopo launches mentorship program

The Limpopo branch of the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa (Bwasa) reached one of its milestones on Friday evening with the launch of the 2017 Bwasa Mentorship Programme at a venue in the city.
Bwasa Limpopo Chairperson Mmabogoshi Msiza welcomed guests and explained the mentorship programme.
“We recognise that women juggle so many different roles and sometimes neglect their own personal and business development, hence we created portfolios to address those areas. We are going to invent something that works for us by making mentorship more organised and focused,” Msiza said.
According to Msiza, many successful women refuse to mentor other women for fear of creating competition for themselves.
“A smart woman is aware that having an ally who cares about her career will only increase her chances for success. Often times, when women are mentored by men, they don’t necessarily feel empowered. Some may feel intimidated, trivialised, or patronised. Women role models, on the other hand, can become a great inspiration to help other women set strategic goals. We can relate with other women’s stories and struggles on a deeper level,” Msiza reckoned.
“To improve the technical narrative for women, it’s imperative that we stick together regardless of race, class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. Be a leader. Put your ego aside and find another woman to mentor,” Msiza concluded.
Msiza, Mankolo Lethoko, Tumi Modise, Prudence Bosch, Annikie Malukuta, Inno Mpe, Grace Sibara, Granny Matsaung, Vulani Malumbete, Pat Dlamini and Martie Mphelo were introduced as the mentors that will take 19 mentees through the programme that will kick off in due course.
Interesting topics that include starting up a business, building a brand, capitalising on opportunities and finance and management skills will be covered. Marketing skills, business assertiveness, customer care and skills development will also form part of the programme content.
Tsakani Nkambule, a former chairperson of Bwasa Limpopo also addressed the guests and encouraged them to take up their rightful place in business and community activities.

Story and photo: BARRY VILJOEN

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