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I created employment for myself

I created employment for myself

 The 25-year-old Mpho Chris Sadiki has always known what he wants in life: to create employment for himself and some youths.
Just after completing a course in soft leather-work design at Capricorn FET College in Polokwane, he was employed by a lady who specialised in handbags and other related items. His job stint lasted for only two years, after which he stayed at home, unemployed.

“The first months just sitting at home and loitering in the streets of Shayandima were the hardest in my life,” he said. “I shared my vision of starting a business with my mother, who advised me to do a material quotation. After one full year of doing nothing, I bought the material with the money that my mother gave me and made my first bag in December 2016.”

Today, he uses nylon, genuine leather and faux leather to make his amazing bags, which come in an assortment of sizes and colours. He is currently working from his studio in Polokwane. “I love travelling and I hope that, during my travelling, I will be able to introduce my work to other provinces. The other thing that gives me hope and motivation is the responses from my clients, who keep sending me motivational messages. They comment on the quality and durability of my handbags.”

He plans to employ some youths in the near future as a way of helping beat the scourge of unemployment. “I like almost everything that I do with my hands, because my hands can surely do magic with any leather material,” he said.

He urges all youths to stand on their own feet and start working for themselves, instead of just complaining about a lack of jobs. “It is a fact that there’s a lack of jobs in the country, but let’s not just sit and wait for someone to employ us,” he said. “Let’s try to do good stuff by using our own hands. Everything is very possible if you set your goals and persist in pursuing them.”

Mpho can be reached on 079 988 2903

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