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This is a way of  showing our undying affection for this place, It’s People and It’s organizations.

@ Limpopo Web, we believe that the free flow of information keeps us well informed and equipped to make better decisions.

We also believe that support for local initiatives and business leads to positive outcome for the community.

Do you wish to participate?

do you wish to participate and contribute to our blog?

You can now become a participant to the empowerment of our province for the benefit of all Limpopo people .

This is how:

Guest Writer

Do you have an interesting story or article that you would like to publish on our website? Your article can be read by potential millions of people around the world.

Story Leads

Do you know of a story that would be interesting for our readers? you can forward to us a lead and we will do our best to look into the story and take it from there.

Invite us to your Event

Do you have an invite that you would like us to come to? our exceptional team will there with all their flavor and pizzas to brighten up your event and promote our brand.

Suggest an Event

Do you know of an event happening in your area that we can attend? give us a heads up about it and we will make enquiries as to weather we can attend the event or not

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